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“Untitled: The Solution — You” lyrics and song resources

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Magnetic levitation

providing a new perspective as I stare back at tha constellations

obtruse tessellations

tryin’ to figure out my own explanations

we modern humans are a genetic experiment

so what happened to the others that didn’t make it outta tha basement

all these questions we faced wit

confusing isn’t it

who created us in their image

or as a superior enslaved species to mine gold

is this a mirage

I know this is a heavy load

to comprehend,

but do you understand

there is a bigger galactic plan

we can take a stand

we ain’t pawns no mo’

we know this Life ain’t a game

it’s a shame

the people can’t fully actualize their potential no mo’

we stuck in these shells

’cause we dwell

on the false physical laws

trapping us in our personal cells in the jaws

of our collective prison

it’s our decision

to break free

to set us free

afraid we don’t have to be

let’s pump love & peace

in our hearts & not allow us to be deceived

we must believe

that we can achieve


that is what I sing

& rep consciously for my people

we no longer sheeple

we decoded the occult messages

& recognize the human built and extraterrestrial built space ships

decoding the Truth about the eclipse


your consciousness

& let yourself be free

let them be free

too & this is the Nature of our Consciousness


not nonviolence

simple cantilever beam

raps thrusting out tha seams

leaving gaps in the fallacies of what you

thought you knew

interspersed with what you didn’t have a clue

What do we do?

Give up

or wake up

and stand up


you know how

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Magnetic levitation, free energy, other suppressed technologies and knowledge

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